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MICE the perfect mashup for Hotel Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions

Here is a write up on MICE by blogger Are Morch


MICE is the perfect mashup between online and offline events. This is the glue that will connect the Hospitality Industry with business professionals.

The MICE network is build up three key pillars:

1. Get Connected
The key is here to introduce your Hospitality Brand to key business influencers and thought leaders. MICE allows you to cut out the middleman. And focus on the reference points that will add value to everyone involved in the process. This is the perfect tool for meeting and travel professional.

MICE Screen Shot

2. List Your Company
Put your Hospitality brand in front of movers and shakers on MICE. The principles here follow standard Social Media Strategies.

a. Establish a Company Presence with a strong profile that represent your brand values
b. Build a Following
c. Engage Followers
d. Join relevant Groups
e. Convert your Online Community into Offline Events participants

Get Listed

3. Be a Thought Leader

Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success. They create a dedicated group of friends, fans and followers to help them replicate and scale those ideas into sustainable change not just in one company but in an industry, niche or across an entire ecosystem.

MICE allows you to set yourself and your Hotel apart from the crowd. Share your information with other MICE professionals. Write supplier reviews. Share industry news, and establish yourself as an Industry Expert.
Make sure you check out, and join MICE for Free Today!

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