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MICE.com is an industry specific worldwide network for planners, suppliers and MICE professionals from all sectors of the Meetings Industry. By providing all social media methods of communication our exclusive users exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices.

Instantly receive updates from connections, brands, events and publications you follow. MICE.com organizes all of this great information and methods of communication — on one website.

Similar to what happens at a trade show users stay in touch with contacts, make new connections, strengthen existing relationships, find and share supplier reviews, engage in worldwide discussion & networking groups, and shortly send RFPs. This cycles year round 24/7.

MICE.com for Planners

Searching for and choosing the right suppliers and service providers is one of the most time consuming and stressful aspects for a planner when organizing a MICE event. Take away the anxiety of planning meetings and events whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional.

Did you ever want advice before going to contract with a property from someone who has worked with them? Have you ever needed to set up an event in a city you know nothing about? Mice.com is a community for the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions market to share ideas, check references, review suppliers or keep in touch with an old colleague.

The Top 10 Reasons for Planners to Join MICE.com

  1. Connect with supplier contacts and other planners online and network with MICERS offline through MICE industry events and local networking groups and events.
  2. Post updates and articles out to your connections and the entire MICE Network.
  3. Search for and do business with MICE suppliers.
  4. Follow updates from all sectors of the Meetings Industry to include connections, suppliers, associations, events and publications.
  5. Make better, faster and more informed decisions in the buying process.
  6. Write reviews or read reviews by planners for planners.
  7. Share and exchange experiences and best practices in worldwide discussion groups.
  8. Access knowledge, education resources, content and industry news
  9. Promote your meeting planner image and become a Thought Leader.
  10. Be a voice and an advocate for the Meetings Industry.

If you’re an Association employee in the Meetings Industry such as MPI, PCMA, SITE, SPIN etc. the Association user type is for you. However, Association planners should sign up as a planner.

Organizers for trade shows or events devoted to MICE industry such as IMEX, IBTM, ITB, Expo Expo etc. the Trade Show / Event user type is for you. Non-MICE related planners should sign up as planners. 


MICE.com by Creating your Public Profile

· Showcase achievements and affiliations

· Be a Featured MICER and get recognized

· Share your goals for what you would like to achieve on MICE

Tell others to find you MICE.com

Connect and Network

with MICERS from all around the world

· Invite your contacts to become connections and keep up-to-date

· Connect online and network offline through networking groups and events and industry events listed in our community

 You will see what your colleagues are sharing when you add them

· Meet new industry professionals and connect with helpful MICERs worldwide

· Build and strengthen relationships with suppliers

· Get introduced to industry experts through people you know

Meet MICERS Offline

by forming your own or joining a local MICE Chapter

· Find MICE groups and events in your local community

· Form MICE to Meet You chapter and organize events in your local area

· Attend MICE trade shows and events



for MICE suppliers in our global directory

· Search our directory of supplier listings, find facility guides, message suppliers to request information and soon submit RFPs

Explore detailed supplier listings with the most up-to-date and accurate supplier contact information

· Research a location and supplier you hadn’t considered

· Gather information on venues, destinations and MICE service providers

· Initiate Requests for Information from suppliers

· If you don’t see your favorite supplier write us at info@mice.com and we will add them to our database


companies, events and news you love

· Follow companies, destinations, events, associations and media to receive the latest updates on products and services, news and information, special promotions and availability in your feed as it is posted

· Roll up notifications in your feed from all sectors of the Meetings Industry and including connections then unsubscribe from hundreds of outside marketing emails

· Follow what’s trending on MICE and in the MICE industry with MICE Chatter

· Track and join MICE trade shows and events and connect with other attendees



from other MICERS and stay current on industry news and trends

· Learn from a mentor and get support from seasoned peers

· Obtain new knowledge and ideas

· Find MICE content from all sources of the Meetings Industry

· Gain knowledge about organizing groups in unfamiliar territory by learning from the experience of other MICE planners

· Stay current on and discuss industry news, new event technology and emerging trends

· Receive the weekly updates about the MICE Network:  MICE News You Can Use

· Discover professional development educational opportunities from all sectors of the Meetings Industry each month on our Blog to include webinars, courses, training sessions and events


and become a Thought Leader

· Market your meeting planner brand and build your meeting image though your profile, chatter articles and actively engaging on MICE.com. Share your knowledge with other MICERS and you’ll soon be viewed as a MICE Industry Thought Leader

· Write up a review on a supplier and share your experiences with other MICE planners

· Publish a Chatter article relevant to the MICE industry with great content that your network will share

· Upload photos of your events or travels

· Be engaging and communicate regularly by posting an update on your feed 


with MICE professionals worldwide

· Form or join networking and discussion groups and collaborate with other MICERS worldwide

· Seek advice, collaborate and exchange knowledge with other planners by posting updates on your feed and participating in groups, find or write helpful supplier reviews and soon share private notes on suppliers among other planners


and become a MICER that influences the future of the Meetings Industry

· Shape the future landscape of the Meetings Industry

Participate on MICE.com to be part of the collective voice in influencing the future of the Meetings Industry and improving the way things are done

· MICE Means Business

Be an advocate for the Meetings Industry by following the Meetings Means Business Coalition and joining the Global Meetings Industry Day listing on MICE.com



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This is your community and we are always open to suggestions. We want to make MICE.com an every day tool you can’t live without. If you have any ideas or wish to share your feedback please contact Michael at michael@mice.com.

Introduction to MICE

Everything You Need to Know About MICE

MICE 101

What is the definition of MICE?

MICE” also known as the Meetings Industry stands for: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. Sometimes the “C” and “E” can refer to Conventions and Events.

IAPCO (the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers) publishes a book called “Meetings Industry Terminology” which functions as a dictionary for the meetings industry. These are the definitions as put out by IAPCO:

Meeting – general term indicating the coming together of a number of people in one place, to confer or carry out a particular activity. Frequency: can be on an ad hoc basis or according to a set pattern, as for instance annual general meetings, committee meetings, etc.

Incentive – meeting event as part of a programme which is offered to its participants to reward a previous performance.

Conference – participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation. As compared with a congress, a conference is normally smaller in scale and more select in character – features which tend to facilitate the exchange of information. The term “conference” carries no special connotation as to frequency. Though not inherently limited in time, conferences are usually of limited duration with specific objectives.

Exhibition – Events at which products and services are displayed.

Source: http://mice-contact.com/definition-of-mice.html

Why did we go with MICE as opposed to the Meetings Industry?
This article is a little racy but gives a good explanation as to why MICE has been resurrected.

MICE Industry Resources

Cornell University has put together a list of key resources for the MICE industry.

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events (MICE) Industry Guide

As a large and diverse industry sector with only limited formal structure the Meetings Industry has not had a single unifying statement to define its parameters, set out its operating principles and advance a value proposition. The result has been an ongoing challenge around articulating what the industry does, believes and offers as benefits to the global community.

The following statement was developed to address this need and create a working high-level definition as a point of reference for both members of the industry and those with whom we interact. It has been created in consultation with and the benefit of input from all Council members, and while it may be expected to evolve over time, it represents a working definition on which members of the industry have reached agreement.

The Meetings Industry: Statement of Principles and Value Proposition

This report published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) explores the scope, impact, as well as the opportunities for economic growth and development of the meetings industry.

Global Report on the Meetings Industry

Meetings Outlook is future-focused data that will help you identify new trends and innovations on the horizon—allowing you to budget and plan accordingly and ensuring you have a strong foundation for building sound strategies that keep your business on the path to success. Meetings Outlook is developed by MPI in partnership with VISIT DENVER and supported in partnership with IMEX Group.

Meetings Outlook

So that brings us to What is MICE.com?


MICE.com is an online community for MICE meeting and travel professionals.

To learn more click Why MICE.

Who is on MICE.com?

This is your community and we are always open to suggestions. If you have any ideas or wish to share your feedback please contact Michael at michael@mice.com.

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