February 2017 MICE Educational Opportunities

MICE.com has compiled a collective list of professional development and educational opportunities from all sectors of the Meetings Industry for the month of February 2017 to include webinars, courses, training sessions and events.

February 2017



Amsterdam Power of Participation Workshop
RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands


For over 25 years, international conference and participation expert Adrian Segar has been designing and facilitating Conferences That Work: successful, innovative, highly interactive, participant-driven events that leverage attendees’ expertise and experience to create just the conference that participants want and need. Now Adrian brings his expertise to Europe for this 1½ day workshop, a unique opportunity for you to:

– Learn how to make your conferences and conference sessions far more engaging and effective;
– Gain powerful meeting design insights; and
– Significantly increase participation and satisfaction at your sessions and events.

The workshop format focuses on active learning through direct experience of a multitude of participatory meeting techniques. Adrian will use cycles of technique experiences followed by debriefs, interspersed with short “theory bites” that cover important background knowledge and concepts. Techniques will be introduced in approximately the order they might appear during a typical participation-rich event. The syllabus below gives more detail on what will be covered.






How to ID and Avoid Problem Clauses

How to ID and Avoid Problem Clauses

Presenter: Lisa Sommer Devlin, JD

Don’t make the mistake of writing contract clauses that are unenforceable or that hotels will not accept. In this webinar with the meetings industry’s leading legal expert, Lisa Sommer Devlin, you’ll learn to identify your meeting’s specific legal needs, write clauses that will address them and avoid problem clauses.





The Ultimate Tech Hackathon: 30 Tools & Shortcuts To Use Technology More Effectively

Presenter: Jim Spellos

So you’re at your computer, or on your mobile, device all day long. But did you know that there are dozens of ways to save you time using the tools that dominate your computer day…as well as new tools that you need to know about. From Windows and MS Office tips and tricks to information portals, social media shortcuts to the latest time-saving applications, this session will save you and your organization valuable time and money.

Join Meetings Today and meetings industry tech expert Jim Spellos for this informative one-hour webinar that will help you maximize your meetings technology knowledge and save the most important commodity for anyone: time.

After attending this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Identify critical PC shortcuts and advanced mobile tips
  • Manage the flow of news and information from the web more effectively
  • Understand shortcuts to using social media for business more efficiently
  • Use websites and services to enhance Web searching and office functionality





Mobile Event App FAQs

Mobile Event App FAQs

Mobile event apps have become increasingly commonplace, outfitted with ever more bells and whistles — yet the related questions most commonly fielded by experts haven’t changed much over time. Here we address those questions, with up-to-date answers that reflect what’s available and what’s hot in the marketplace.





What’s Trending Now! Session 2: Wi-Fi: How to Make Sure You Have Enough Bandwidth at the Right Price

Wi-Fi- How to Make Sure You Have Enough Bandwidth at the Right Price

Sue Pelletier, Content Director, MeetingsNet

Neen James, keynote speaker, author, and productivity and attention expert

Wi-Fi Internet service can be one of the trickiest line items in the meeting planners budget. If you’re not a wireless network wiz kid, how can you determine if a venue has the bandwidth your group needs and whether the pricing is fair?

Join MeetingsNet for a free, 30-minute webinar that explores the what you need to know to be confident about your Wi-Fi choices.





Top Meeting Tech Trends

Top Meeting Tech Trends

Discover what technology you should be considering to use now and new tools that are on the horizon. This webcast will cover the important tech trends that every planner should know, especially in the areas of: mobile technology, social media, location-based technology, wearable computing and more. Expert presenters will detail steps to prepare for these changes and offer links, tips, apps and ideas that can attendees can use immediately.




NYU School of Professional Studies

According to the Convention Industry Council, of the 1.83 million meetings held in 2012, approximately 88 percent were classified as being corporate, convention, trade show, or incentive in nature. Given the significant economic impact of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE), it is no surprise that more hospitality and events professionals are focusing on this important segment of the tourism industry. This course provides an introduction to the inherent opportunities and challenges within specialized MICE planning; an understanding of the economic value these groups represent; and the knowledge and skills that are required to develop a MICE business strategy, including how to attract new business and how to keep it once you have it. Learn how client goals, resources, and challenges are unique to each type of event, and gain knowledge to expertly navigate the complicated road of supplier engagement and risk management.


∙ Effective sales strategies to attract clients
∙ The knowledge to select and evaluate appropriate venues


∙ Hotel sales and event managers
∙ Conference center and other event venue operators

Anyone who enrolls in a meeting, conference, or events management-related course will be eligible to join Meeting Professionals International (MPI) at the discounted student rate. This membership provides exceptional opportunities to enhance your education by attending exclusive panels, lectures, and industry networking events. For more information, email tisch.center@nyu.edu or call 212-998-9100.


Students should be familiar with event management through industry experience or completion of the Introduction to Event Management/TCCE1-CE9563 course or Professional Diploma in Meeting and Convention Management

Continuing Education Units (CEU)






The Future of Event Technology: 2017 Trend Watch

Presenter: Brooke Gracey

As ideas, apps, and innovations continue to explode onto the event scene, technology that was once considered far-off in the distance is literally around the corner. With each new innovation, meetings professionals must decide which technologies to implement and how to improve the attendee experience. In this webinar, Brooke Gracey from CrowdCompass will explore what’s in store for event technology in 2017.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Which technologies should be implemented to create a seamless and personalized onsite journey
  • How technology will change the way attendees consume content both in the short-term and beyond
  • Practical ways to implement the latest tech


If you are hosting a professional development webinar, course, training session or event educating MICE professionals contact Michael Mayhew at michael@mice.com. Please send any links along with a brief description.

MICE.com Supplier Partnerships

MICE.com is an industry specific worldwide network for planners, suppliers and MICE professionals from all sectors of the Meetings Industry. By providing all social media methods of communication our exclusive users exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices.

Users instantly receive updates from connections, brands, events and publication they follow. MICE.com organizes all of this great information and methods of communication — on one website.

Similar to what happens at a trade show users stay in touch with contacts, make new connections, strengthen existing relationships, find and share supplier reviews, engage in worldwide discussion and networking groups, and shortly send and receive RFPs. This cycles year-round 24/7.

Why Make MICE.com your Social Media Marketing Partner?  

MICE.com is a direct marketing channel for you to increase your visibility to new clients. Reference MICE for Suppliers to see the benefits for suppliers.

We are working to foster cross-collaboration among planners, suppliers, media and publications, trade shows and events, associations and groups as well as educators bringing all of these sectors onto one platform. See our Blog post “MICE.com The Voice for the Meetings Industry.”

MICE will work to support and grow your business by giving you unlimited access to connect with planners by providing a space to build relationships with existing and potential customers. MICERS benefit by being exposed to and informed to the best the industry has to offer.

It’s likely we may have created your company listing for you. To access your listing simply create a personal account using your company email. Once you’ve completed your personal profile check the My Listings tab to see if you’re already an admin. If you don’t see your company under the My Listings tab you’ll want to send us a quick heads up at info@mice.com so we can add you as an admin to your listing.

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In all cases you’ll want to reach out so we can send you a guide plus tips on how to best navigate and promote your listing on MICE.


What MICE.com offers our Supplier partners

Get introduced to planners and suppliers through

  • A free Preferred listing with ability to post updates to, direct message and view page visitors.
  • Reach new planners that signs up on MICE as the suggested Supplier in our Welcome series.

* The duration for the free listing and suggested Supplier will be until we reach 20,000 users. At that time the partnership will be re-examined.

Additional benefits include

  • Official partnership announcement and special introduction to your company with logo and link to your MICE listing in our newsletter which reaches over 23,000+ Meetings Industry professionals
  • Mention of partnership on our social media pages
  • Logo placement with hyperlink on partners page (currently under development)
  • Your followers amplify your brand with every interaction

How you are found on MICE

  • Search engine results
  • Search on MICE.com
  • Listing
  • MICE.com newsletter
  • Building a following
  • Post updates
  • Suggested Supplier in Welcome series
  • Amplification 
Preferred listing benefits
  1. MICE.com is a social media channel and lead generation platform for you to promote and market your company as well as communicate and engage with followers, potential customers and the MICE Network.
  2. Ability to login as your company to post, comment on and like activity in the MICE Network as your company.
  3. Post unlimited updates such as: Company details and information, current activities, documents, press releases, photos in addition to web and video links.
  4. Link to your website from your listing.
  5. Display key contacts which links to your personal profiles on MICE.
  6. View full page statistics including who has visited your page.
  7. Ability to import and invite your existing contacts to follow your MICE listing.
  8. Sharing and amplification tools for your followers to recruit new customers
  9. Receive and respond to reviews.
  10. Generate leads, renewals and referrals.

Here are some suggested options on how you can help us grow MICE.com 

  • Share planner and supplier email contact database
  • Add the MICE.com logo with hyperlink on your company web site
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  • Add a thumbnail of MICE’s logo on your social media icons tray which links to your listing on MICE.com
  • Mention MICE.com in your newsletter or email blast
  • Mention MICE on your social media pages
  • Mention your MICE.com listing on your Blog
  • Issue joint press release on partnership

For more information please contact Michael Mayhew at (410) 995-8482 or michael@mice.com.