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Social Media Marketing on

The benefits of social media marketing on

Social Media Marketing on MICE.coom

Social media marketing is an essential tool for reaching and engaging with customers. Successful social media marketing is understanding where your customers are and engaging them through your presence on

The benefits of social media marketing

  • Community, connection and conversation
  • Brand awareness
  • Referrals and word-of-mouth advertising by connected users
  • Customer engagement
  • Building loyalty and trust
  • Real time with instant effects
  • Return on impressions
  • Thought leadership and opinions
  • People are willing to invest their time online
  • Environmentally friendly

 The advantages of vs. mainstream social networks

Specifically created for Meetings Industry professionals is an evolution in niche social media. We have blended the best elements from existing social networks and competitor sites into one unique platform.

Most people prefer to keep their personal social media accounts reserved for friends and family but not business. While LinkedIn may be great for connecting; mainstream social networks are also noisy, crowded and designed for every industry that exists.

While updates on Twitter and Facebook get lost in the sea of personal and unrelated content posting on MICE is targeted and specific to the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions industry.  Users won’t have to sift through layers of useless information like on other networks. Searching for MICERS, suppliers and information on MICE is specific to the industry enabling targeted and quick results.

Social Marketing

Once you upgrade to a Preferred listing communication with the MICE Network is unlimited. You can login and post updates as your company to include: Web and video links, pictures and documents. Company posts link back to your web listing. serves as a social extension of your website that you control. You’ll want to make MICE the number one resource for committing your time and resources. Outperform your competitors by using to market your products and services:

  1. Market your business
  2. Be found in search results
  3. Connect, share and collaborate with other MICE professionals
  4. Engage with your customers and openly communicate with MICERS 24/7
  5. Post unlimited updates to your followers and the entire MICE Network
  6. Receive and respond to reviews
  7. View and respond to Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals
  8. Explore planners
  9. Build a following
  10. Track your page visitors
  11. Join a local networking groups and connect offline through MICE to Meet You Events
  12. Be a Thought Leader
  13. List trade show and events your company is attending
  14. Generate new leads, referrals, repeat business and revenue

All levels of your business can use

Public Relations – you want to know and respond to what the public is saying about your services

Senior Level – you are an opinion leader with a robust knowledge base to share and raise awareness of your company

Marketing – you are looking for channels to build traffic back to your business

Lead Generation

A Preferred listing unlocks a series of features that puts your company in the spotlight. Explore leads from around the world or be introduced to new customers through your existing customers.

  • Be matched with leads based on their profile
  • Find leads using the Explore section
  • Research leads by viewing their detailed profiles
  • Encourage your loyal customers to post reviews
  • Post engaging content on your feed that your followers can share
  • Create and participate in group discussions
  • Engagement = Amplification (new eyes): Each interaction amplifies your brand into the feeds of potential customers

Engagement: Year-Round 24/7 Communication

Whether you’re continuing a conversation from a trade show or connecting with a user for the first time it’s important to know that your presence on must consist of engagement. Social media marketing success is about engagement and participation.

You must also listen before engaging. This will allow you to position yourself as an expert. Establishing long-term relationships with customers is a two-way conversation. Unlike traditional media is your outlet for year-round advertising.

Amplification has built amplification in to our platform. Amplification is triggered and automated word-of-mouth pushed to potential customers through your interactions with your followers. Your followers also serve as your recruiters and marketers. Any interaction your company has with a user is amplified into the feeds of their connections. In a matter of seconds hundreds of interconnected users can receive and share your content.

Social Proof

Social media is very influential in purchase decisions. Planners nowadays do their homework when searching for a destination and venue. They want to gather intelligence and know what to expect.

Get the social proof you need by inviting your connections to post reviews. See our Blog post on Are you using your Net Promoters?

Next to word-of-mouth reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising. Planners will always believe their peers over a sales representative, which is something you can use to your advantage. Get your loyal customers selling on your behalf. Go a step further by showcasing your clients’ events on your listing.


Make your number one social media outlet for building relationships and engaging with your customers as well as connecting and marketing to new clients.

Once you upgrade to a Preferred listing your account rep will send you a full strategy and complete guide with tips on how to maximize your exposure on

Who is on MICE

Who is on MICE

Who is on MICE

All sectors of MICE industry: Planners of all backgrounds, suppliers, association leaders, trade show organizers, educators, students, media representatives and bloggers.

Planners MICE bring planners from all backgrounds together

  • Corporate
  • Association
  • Independent and freelance
  • Third Party
  • Government


Association leaders from

MPI, PCMA, SITE and more

MICE industry trade show organizers from

IMEX, IBTM and more

Educators and Students

Rob Davidson: MICE Knowledge, Corbin Ball: Corbin Ball Associates and more


Sales & Marketing Management magazine, Questex, Northstar Travel Media and more


Are Morch – Hotel Blogger & Social Media Manager and more

This is your community and we are always open to suggestions. If you have any ideas or wish to share your feedback please contact Michael at

Join now

MICE for Bloggers

Bloggers. Join the Meetings Industry’s newest social media hot spot is an online community for the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions industry.

Interested in attracting new traffic to your site and improving your SEO? Write for and become a certified blogger. MICE will provide a wealth of data and information to use for research and reporting. Write for and receive a free Preferred listing for your Blog/site on MICE. Contact Michael Mayhew at (410) 995-8482 or for more details.

Already have content you want to share? Share your knowledge and content with the MICE Network. Post your content from your Blog and link back to your site from

Why not also connect and collaborate with other MICERS and meet new professionals. Sign up today!

Preferred listing benefits  

  1. is a social media channel and lead generation platform for you to promote and market your Blog as well as communicate and engage with your subscribers, advertisers, followers and MICE Network.
  2. Ability to login as your company to post, comment on and like activity in the MICE Network as your company.
  3. Post unlimited updates such as: Company details and information, current activities, documents, press releases, photos in addition to web and video links.
  4. Link to your website from your listing.
  5. Display key contacts which links to your personal profiles on MICE.
  6. View full page statistics including who has visited your page.
  7. Ability to import and invite your existing contacts to follow your MICE listing.
  8. Sharing and amplification tools for your followers to recruit new subscribers.
  9. Receive and respond to reviews.
  10. Generate leads, renewals and referrals.

How you are found on MICE

  • Search engine results
  • Search on
  • Listing
  • newsletter
  • Building a following
  • Post updates
  • Amplification 

Please feel free to create your listing or if you prefer we can create the listing for you then add you as the admin. To get started sign up on with your company email and selecting Blogger as your user type. Once you’ve completed your personal profile go to the My Listings tab and select + Create a Supplier. You’ll want to also alert us so that we can upgrade your listing to Preferred.

If you would like us to create your listing for you please contact Michael Mayhew @ (410) 995-8482 or In both cases you’ll want to reach out so we can send you a guide plus tips on how to best navigate and promote your listing on MICE.


Join by Creating your Public Profile

· Be found for business opportunities

· Showcase achievements and affiliations

· Be a Featured MICER and get recognized

· Share your goals for what you would like to achieve on MICE


with MICERS from all around the world

· Invite your contacts to become connections

· You will see what your colleagues are sharing when you add them

· Meet new industry professionals

· Get introduced to industry experts through people you know

Meet MICERS Offline

by forming your own or joining a local MICE Chapter

· Find MICE groups and events in your local community

· Form MICE to Meet You chapter and organize events in your local area

· Attend MICE trade shows and events


updates, events and news you love

· Stayed tuned in to subscribers through their profile, updates and group activities

· Follow what’s trending on MICE and in the MICE industry with MICE Chatter

· Track, join and list MICE trade shows and events you’ll be attending to connect with other attendees


your reputation on Mice

· Senior Level – you are an opinion leader with a robust knowledge base to share and raise awareness of your company

· Marketing – you are looking for channels to build traffic back to your business

· Public Relations – You want to know and respond to what the public is saying about you


and become a MICER that influences the future of the Meetings Industry

·Shape the future landscape of the Meetings Industry

· MICE Means Business


and become a Thought Leader

· Build relationships

· Check for mail, comments and likes, connection requests and reviews

· Keep your listing up-to-date

· Openly communicate with subscribers 24/7

· Communicate regularly by posting company updates on your feed

· Post and respond to comments

· Respond to reviews

· Engage with at least three new people daily

· Review your stats and contact your page visitors

· Share relevant content and genuine stories

· Publish a Chatter article relevant to the MICE industry with great content that your network will share

· Form or join discussion groups and collaborate with other MICERS worldwide

· Become a Thought Leader and establish credibility in the industry by sharing and exchanging knowledge with your connections and the MICE Network