Category Archives: Supplier Partnerships Supplier Partnerships is an industry specific worldwide network for planners, suppliers and MICE professionals from all sectors of the Meetings Industry. By providing all social media methods of communication our exclusive users exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices.

Users instantly receive updates from connections, brands, events and publication they follow. organizes all of this great information and methods of communication — on one website.

Similar to what happens at a trade show users stay in touch with contacts, make new connections, strengthen existing relationships, find and share supplier reviews, engage in worldwide discussion and networking groups, and shortly send and receive RFPs. This cycles year-round 24/7.

Why Make your Social Media Marketing Partner? is a direct marketing channel for you to increase your visibility to new clients. Reference MICE for Suppliers to see the benefits for suppliers.

We are working to foster cross-collaboration among planners, suppliers, media and publications, trade shows and events, associations and groups as well as educators bringing all of these sectors onto one platform. See our Blog post “ The Voice for the Meetings Industry.”

MICE will work to support and grow your business by giving you unlimited access to connect with planners by providing a space to build relationships with existing and potential customers. MICERS benefit by being exposed to and informed to the best the industry has to offer.

It’s likely we may have created your company listing for you. To access your listing simply create a personal account using your company email. Once you’ve completed your personal profile check the My Listings tab to see if you’re already an admin. If you don’t see your company under the My Listings tab you’ll want to send us a quick heads up at so we can add you as an admin to your listing.

If your company is not already listed please feel free to create your listing or if you prefer we can create the listing for you then add you as the admin. To create your company listing sign up for a personal account selecting your user type as supplier. Once you’ve completed your personal profile go to the My Listings tab and select + Create a Supplier. If you would like us to create your listing for you please contact Michael Mayhew @ (410) 995-8482 or

In all cases you’ll want to reach out so we can send you a guide plus tips on how to best navigate and promote your listing on MICE.


What offers our Supplier partners

Get introduced to planners and suppliers through

  • A free Preferred listing with ability to post updates to, direct message and view page visitors.
  • Reach new planners that signs up on MICE as the suggested Supplier in our Welcome series.

* The duration for the free listing and suggested Supplier will be until we reach 20,000 users. At that time the partnership will be re-examined.

Additional benefits include

  • Official partnership announcement and special introduction to your company with logo and link to your MICE listing in our newsletter which reaches over 23,000+ Meetings Industry professionals
  • Mention of partnership on our social media pages
  • Logo placement with hyperlink on partners page (currently under development)
  • Your followers amplify your brand with every interaction

How you are found on MICE

  • Search engine results
  • Search on
  • Listing
  • newsletter
  • Building a following
  • Post updates
  • Suggested Supplier in Welcome series
  • Amplification 
Preferred listing benefits
  1. is a social media channel and lead generation platform for you to promote and market your company as well as communicate and engage with followers, potential customers and the MICE Network.
  2. Ability to login as your company to post, comment on and like activity in the MICE Network as your company.
  3. Post unlimited updates such as: Company details and information, current activities, documents, press releases, photos in addition to web and video links.
  4. Link to your website from your listing.
  5. Display key contacts which links to your personal profiles on MICE.
  6. View full page statistics including who has visited your page.
  7. Ability to import and invite your existing contacts to follow your MICE listing.
  8. Sharing and amplification tools for your followers to recruit new customers
  9. Receive and respond to reviews.
  10. Generate leads, renewals and referrals.

Here are some suggested options on how you can help us grow 

  • Share planner and supplier email contact database
  • Add the logo with hyperlink on your company web site
  • Invite your clients to follow your listing on
  • Add a thumbnail of MICE’s logo on your social media icons tray which links to your listing on
  • Mention in your newsletter or email blast
  • Mention MICE on your social media pages
  • Mention your listing on your Blog
  • Issue joint press release on partnership

For more information please contact Michael Mayhew at (410) 995-8482 or