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MICE.com for Suppliers: Building Relationships with Planners on MICE.com

Are you looking to connect and build relationships with Meeting Planners? Join MICE.com, invite your planners to follow your listing and collaborate with them on a daily basis.

All levels of your business should be using MICE.com:

Public Relations – you want to know and respond to what the public is saying about your services

Senior Level – you are an opinion leader with a robust knowledge base to share and raise awareness of your company

Marketing – you are looking for channels to build traffic back to your business. Get listed, share it and get engaged today!

So you may already be connected to planners via LinkedIn but do you communicate with them daily? MICE.com is the absolute best resource for collecting information on planners as well as keeping the communication going.

MICE collects detailed information from planners that LinkedIn does not. LinkedIn for communication is difficult because it is noisy and crowded. You have to sift through layers of useless search results and information. Connecting and finding the most relevant information on MICE is instantaneous.

Borrowing on some highlights taken from Junvi Ola on tambourine.com: Top 10 ways to attract more meetings in 2015:

10 Ways to build authentic long-term relationships with planners and close deals:

1. Don’t just connect but reach out and build your relationships.
2. Showcase how you’re going to put on a WOW program for their attendees.
3. Provide planners with relevant content and tools needed to execute a flawless program.
4. Collaborate and be a supportive resource.
5. Think like them and learn what’s most important to planners.
6. Share information planners post.
7. Answer questions and share knowledge by creating or participating in discussion groups.
8. Incorporate customer generated content in your posts.
9. Praise meeting planners by giving positive public feedback on their work.
10. Give insider knowledge and tips on your local destination.

Source http://www.tambourine.com/blog/top-10-ways-to-attract-more-meetings-in-2015-part-1/

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do is establish a company presence on MICE.com then broadcast your presence.

1. Complete your personal profile and upload your picture.
2. Claim or create your company listing.
3. Upgrade to a Preferred listing in order to fully utilize all of the benefits of MICE.com.
4. Draw awareness to your listing by publishing your personal and company MICE.com URL on all your marketing collateral, including business cards, email signature, newsletters, web sites and brochures.
5. Share and add MICE.com to your favorite social networking sites.
6. Hotels are recommended to encourage their Concierge and Chef/F&B team to sign-up. F&B staff are now playing a vital role in the buying decision. The Concierge can provide information and feedback to the meeting planner.
7. Engage your colleagues: Employees are your most reliable advocates. Encourage them to complete their profiles and include a link to your Company Page in their email signatures.
8. Purchase advertising space and other packages to push your services to planners on MICE.

Build A Following

Creating authentic relationships is essential to achieving success on MICE. Once you’ve established your company presence on MICE, you can begin fostering these relationships by attracting followers to your
Preferred Listing. Here are some simple, effective strategies for attracting company followers and getting those relationships off to a strong start.

1. Invite your contacts to follow your listing.
2. Keep your contacts up to date on your business and turn them into your promoters. Once they follow you, your company chatter and new updates will appear in their feed. Others will also see that they are following you.
3. Consistently update your profile and activity feed. Include any position change, location change, new affiliations, etc.
4. Announce your listing in an email newsletter to existing customers or partners. Ask recipients to post feedback on your activity feed about the kinds of content they want to receive through your listing. This will help you focus your conversations.
5. Add a “Follow” button to your website and Blog.
6. Celebrate your new listing on the company Blog.

Engage Followers

Like any good relationship, your followers require care and attention. Once you have followers, it’s important to nurture those relationships. To nurture these relationships start with great communication and your tool for developing conversations is your activity feed.

Upgrading to a Preferred listing allows you to broadcast news and milestones, promotions and group inclusive packages, room and meeting facility availability, hot dates, press releases, industry articles, images and web/video links on your activity feed as your company.

1. Continually check MICE for new connection requests, followers and messages.
2. Comment on and respond to posts as well as reviews. Be sure to reply to any correspondence immediately. Responding promptly will show potential buyers that you take their feedback and requests seriously. And, most importantly make sure every complaint is resolved.
3. Avoid watching online conversations about your business. Instead, engage in them. Interact occasionally with your connections to build relationships. Learn more about your recent followers by viewing their profiles.
4. Increase interactions by posting regularly to develop deeper relationships and to create an active community around your listing. Regularly share an update by announcing deals, promotions, ongoing specials and sneak peeks about new products and services. Every update appears in the feeds of your followers.
5. Ask your advocates to share reviews and experiences with your products and services. Their recommendations will get amplified throughout the network.
6. The best way to build a relationship is through providing quality and relevant content. Keep your content informative. Higher engagement if you keep it short-a brief sentence or two will do.
7. Ask questions. Ask users for feedback about an industry trend, business problem, new product or service and more. Your followers will welcome the chance to respond to questions.
8. Connect to your customers: Be helpful and friendly, not salesy. Be sure you’re providing content that delivers a specific benefit to your followers.
9. You can link to just about anything on your feed. Link to great content. Just remember to write a compelling sentence to accompany the link, inspiring members to click through.
10. Post interesting video links or tell a story through a video. Video is a proven method for increasing engagement. If your company has a YouTube channel, embed product or customer testimonial videos that tell a compelling narrative about the value you offer.
11. Offer value to connections. Be a connector. When you build a reputation for wanting to help your followers, you’ll be more likely to convert them into loyal customers.
12. Listen to conversations that occur off MICE. Collect information and post content around the most popular topics. Your followers will find your updates more worthy of a share, like or comment.
13. Think about timing. Updates posted in the morning usually gain the highest engagement, with a slight bump occurring again after business hours. Experiment to see what works best for your company.
14. Use MICE to keep up-to-date with planner’s real time during their meeting or event.
15. Don’t spam.


Create a Group listing on MICE or join, participate and interact with groups to connect with prospects. The goal is to engage which will increase your visibility.

1. Seek out groups with lots of activity rather than simply lots of connections. Contribute to popular discussions that users have started.
2. Answer and post questions in within MICE groups. Try to show your expertise without trying to promote yourself or your business. As people “like” and reply to your comments, you have a chance to become a Thought Leader in the group.
3. You can also earn trust with users by sharing. When you post to groups, aim to drive responses that will help users solve problems and share insights with each other.
4. If you are targeting business from a particular country, join groups with members from that country and participate in their discussions.
5. Join groups where clients are involved.


The best use of your profile is to build a relationship online by engaging with other connections and then taking the relationship offline by attending industry events both distant and locally.

Suppliers can display industry events your company is attending on your listing. This allows users to know where you’ll be and enable collaboration before meeting at an event.

Join local group events. MICE to Meet You Events are local networking and discussion groups that meet offline all around the world

1. Find and follow an industry trade shows and events from our events calendar.
2. Display events you plan to attend on your personal profile and listing.
3. Invite other users to join events.
4. Promote and share every event you attend.
5. Collaborate on events.
6. Review trade shows and events.
7. Start of find a MICE to Meet You group event in your local area.
8. Organize events or let people know about your upcoming business functions. Celebrate a milestone, launch, holiday, or anniversary by promoting the event to your loyal followers.

Be a Thought Leader

Are you ready to engage with other leaders in the MICE industry? Build a strong network on MICE.com by forming alliances with other leaders in the industry. Become a MICE Community leader by starting conversations.

Rise in the ranks of the MICE network as you become valuable to other community leaders you want as allies. Build alliances while generating leads, repeat business and referrals. Establish your company as a thought leader in the MICE industry by sponsoring content on the MICE Chatter section and newsletters.

Get Listed!

Our key objective is to provide suppliers a cost-effective marketing channel which maximizes ROI. Whether you’re a hotel, CVB, DMC, service provider or have products to offer MICE is your partner for building new connections.

Reach a greater number of buyers for a longer period at a fraction of the cost of a trade show booth or magazine ad. Gain a competitive edge over your competition and stand out in front of MICE buyers. List your company today.

This is your community and we are always open to suggestions. If you have any ideas or wish to share your feedback please contact Michael at michael@mice.com.

Are you using your net promoters?

The net promoter score has become the gold standard for measuring customer satisfaction. Promoters are loyal enthusiastic customers who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth. We typically keep these customers a secret out of fear that our competition may find out who they are and attempt to steal them away. In actuality, these customers are our ticket to growth.

10 years ago we lost an employee who left for promises of rosier pastures with the competition. Indifferent to their non-compete agreement, their first step was to start contacting our strongest accounts. What we quickly learned, was these accounts were our biggest fans, our biggest promoters. We learned that our customer service was the representation of our company as a whole and not any one individual. The few accounts that did leave, returned a year later more loyal than ever.

What does this mean for you? Your clients are your biggest promoters and you should not be afraid to expose them to the market and potentially your competition. Chances are your competition already knows who they are.

Encourage your customers to provide reviews and testimonials for your product or service. Their colleagues will listen to them, they will bolster their credibility as a thought leader and in the end; you will both gain great exposure and increase your sales.

Mice.com provides the perfect platform for you to increase exposure for your product and the services you provide to the meetings, incentives, conferences, and expositions markets. Start by inviting your clients to follow you on Mice.com.

Once they do, thank them and encourage them to write a review. With each review, potential buyers will get a clear picture of the services you provide. You will gain exposure to the reviewer’s colleagues on Mice.com as well. Followers will stay updated any news you relate to the market. Every time someone likes your content or reviews, you will be exposed to a whole new set of connections.