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MICE.com for Suppliers: MICE.com the Year-Round 24/7 Trade Show

The IAEE 2014 Future Trends | Impacting the Exhibitions and Events Industry authored by Francis J. Friedman states:

“The exhibitions and events industry has recognized its current structure is “episodic” in that a show or event takes place at one short time period in the year (assuming an annual show), and it must move to a year-round communications platform with its current audience and to attract new audiences. The industry also is awakening to the fact that continuing “content” is needed in order to move to a year-round communication program.”

Source IAEE 2014 Future Trends | Impacting the Exhibitions and Events Industry

MICE.com the Year-Round 24/7 Trade Show

Imagine all of the benefits of a trade show without the time and expense. MICE.com has built the year-round MICE industry trade show.  MICE helps continue conversations and business once the trade show floors have closed by providing a year-round 24/7 resource for connecting, collaborating, building relationships, supplier sourcing, gathering knowledge and closing deals.

MICE is an online community and global supplier network for MICE professionals to connect, share, collaborate, follow and market.

MICE.com is your place to connect directly with MICE Planners:

1. Meet new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers
2. Generate leads, referrals and repeat business
3. Openly communicate 24/7 with MICE buyers and strengthening your customer relationships

MICE.com for Event Follow Up

A typical trade show is about 3 days which requires a lot of time and preparation. Not to mention the travel expenses, booth costs and additional incidentals which only allows a small window of opportunity to conduct business.

Did you earn, win-over or close all of your deals? Most likely not. The face-to-face connections you made were invaluable but is going to require some consistent follow up. MICE.com is your 24/7 channel to build and nurture the relationships you formed.

While you’re at the event don’t just collect business cards but tell your contacts to find you on MICE.com. Invite them to connect with you and follow your listing on MICE.

Like any good relationship, your followers require care and attention. Once you have followers, it’s important to nurture those relationships. To nurture these relationships start with great communication and your tool for developing conversations is your activity feed.

Upgrading to a Preferred listing allows you to broadcast news and milestones, promotions and group inclusive packages, room and meeting facility availability, hot dates, press releases, industry articles, images and web/video links on your activity feed as your company.

MICE.com has also built amplification into our platform. Amplification is triggered and automated word-of-mouth pushed to potential customers through your interactions with your followers. Your followers also serve as your recruiters and marketers. Any interaction your company has with a user is amplified into the feeds of their connections. In a matter of seconds hundreds of interconnected users can receive and share your content.

Industry Trade Shows on MICE.com

Be sure to utilize industry trade show and event listings on MICE.com. You have the option to follow or select attending industry trade shows and events on MICE.

With an upgraded Preferred listing you’ll gain the ability to communicate with buyers as your company pre and post event by posting updates on the feed for each event your company will have a presence. When you select attending an event it will appear on your company listing letting buyers know what events they can find you exhibiting.

Get Listed!

Our key objective is to provide suppliers a cost-effective marketing channel which maximizes ROI. Whether you’re a hotel, CVB, DMC, service provider or have products to offer MICE is your partner for building new connections and supporting increased revenue for your business.

Reach a greater number of buyers for a longer period at a fraction of the cost of a trade show booth or magazine ad. Gain a competitive edge over your competition and stand out in front of MICE buyers. List your company today.

This is your community and we are always open to suggestions. If you have any ideas or wish to share your feedback please contact Michael at michael@mice.com.